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  • Island dressing is the latest generation of moist wound dressing and is composed of single film absorbent pad, breathable spunlace cloth tape, release paper and packing paper.


    1,Operative incision

    2,Traumatic wound

    3,Ulcer wound

    4,Joint wound

    5,Endoscopic surgical wound

    6,Be used for indwelling needle and vein catheter

    Scope of application

    The sterile application is mainly used to wipe/absorb the blood and body fluids ofthe wound during operation or injury, to provide physical protection for the wound and thus to protect the wound.


    1,Non-adherent central pad has good absorbency

    2,Protect the wound from fluid and bacteria contamination

    3,Ideal moisturizing and healing function

    4,Soft and comfortable

    5,Convenient for users to replace dressing

    6,Low allergic

    7,Non allergic rubber