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  • Productis a kind of disposable sterile product, soft texture, and high fluid uptake. The main function of components in polyurethane foam products can absorb a lot of wound infiltration of liquid, maintain a wet healing environment for the wound,promote wound healing, reduce secondary damage when switching.


    a、High liquid uptake

    b、Promote wound healing

    c、No scab healing and reduce scar

    d、It doesn't stick to the wound.

    e、Use convenience and comfort.

    Applicable to the shallow antrum and the inactivation of deep wounds, such as lower extremity venous ulcer, Ⅱ Ⅳ period for pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, skin area cuts, bruises,incision, etc.or hollow wound surface and radiation injury of granulation tissue.


    1) This product is not suitable for a small amount of drainage or the dry wound.

    2) Wound infection must be careful after control.