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  • Silver Sulfadiazine Gauze Dressing is made of water particles (sodium carboxymethly cellulose, CMC)suspended in vaseline polyester fiber network.

    Sulfadiazine silver is uniformly distributed in the Vaseline, is a non sticky, non closed dressing, and not with the wound and surrounding tissue adhesion, to provide a suitable environment. The sulfadiazine silver vaseline gauze consists of sulfadiazine silver colloid (carboxymethly cellulose sodium) granules and Vaseline gauze impregnated in a 100% polyester mesh. The polyester mesh layer has the protective effect of a polyester film.


    Other wounds that are suitable for severe colonization from low to high exudation:leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, acute superficial burns and skin abrasion, donor site and postoperative incision, and delayed healing of wounds caused by severe bacterial colonization. Or suspected of being infected with a wound. Promote wound healing. Need to cooperate with the outer wound dressing.


    The dressing can not be used for more than 10% of the surface area of the wound. Dermatitis,contact allergy or light allergy sometimes occur but rarely, need to be two grade dressings, if the package is damaged or open,please do not use. The product is sterilized by ionizing radiation and disposable.