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  • Emulsion oil vaseline gauze is highly conformable dressing that are ideal for lightly draining wounds.

    Each oil emulsion gauze is impregnated in an emulsion blend.The dressing does not adhere to granulating tissue and it minimizes skin maceration.Should be used directly on the wound and beneath an absorbent secondary dressing.


    Emulsion oil vaseline gauze for use as a primary dressing in the management of light to medium draining wounds.Such as minor burns,lacerations,abrasions,skinulcers,and episiotomy incision.These dressings may also be used under the care of a health care professional for heavy draining wounds such as surgical incisions,skin grafts and dermal ulcers.

    Moderate/highly exduation wonds

    Non/minimally exudation wounds

    Superficial wounds

    Surgical wounds